PowerAuth 2.0 Helps Air Bank Make Their Mobile Apps Secure

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Air Bank is a dynamically growing Czech bank under the PPF investment group. It changed the local banking industry by providing much simpler and more user-friendly services than traditional banks did. In just about 5 years of existence, it acquired over 450k customers, with about 100k of them actively using their mobile app.

Air Bank intends to expand to Asia

In spite of having a huge success locally, Air Bank still seeks new challenges. One of them is an international expansion. Most of the European banks are looking for their new markets exclusively in the SEPA space. But Air Bank intends to expand to the market that is more exotic when viewed from the European perspective: Asia.

The task of expanding a bank across the globe is tremendous. So many things have to be done, on all fronts. And we are happy to announce that Lime is a part of this journey: We are helping make Air Bank mobile apps secure with our PowerAuth 2.0 security solution. During this summer, we implemented a proof of concept integration with Air Bank systems.

Smartphones are growing fast on the Asian markets. The customers there have also very high expectations from “mobile”. After all, a smartphone is often their only computer. Any bank that wishes to succeed in Asia must have a solid “mobile first” strategy. Some even say that “mobile only” is a more accurate term there. And indeed, mobile security then becomes very important. As smartphones become popular and mobile payments widespread, mobile banking becomes an attractive target for the villains. Banks must provide a way to secure their bank accounts on mobile and this is where our PowerAuth can really excel.

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