Zonky Builds Secure Mobile API

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Zonky changes the way people get loans in the Czech Republic. This innovative peer-to-peer lending startup already built a great community and created a lot of buzz. And of course, they facilitate loans in a total volume in millions of US dollars. What a great example of how FinTech can work for people!

API Economy Enables Growth

In order to scale faster, Zonky provides 3rd party developers with an API. Many 3rd party web and mobile apps have already emerged. Of course, security now becomes a big concern for Zonky. As more and more developers access their services, something may go wrong easily. Especially in the mobile world…

Luckily, Zonky constantly makes their API more secure. For mobile app developers, Zonky will soon introduce PowerAuth 2.0 powered authentication. As a result, security will be dealt with properly by a proven banking-grade security product. And developers will be able to focus on the most important thing: Making great apps! 🙂

We have already seen PowerAuth 2.0 deployed at banks. It’s great to see that it works for smaller fintech customers as well.

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