Every conversation in one place.

Messaging is the fastest way to give your happy customers a voice. Get it done with Lime Lead Connector.

Keep the conversation flowing.

Be channel-agnostic.

Powerful business conversations start by meeting your leads on their preferred mode of communication—text.

Chat with context

You’ll start out with a name and a real phone number, so you can just focus on providing great service and closing the deal.

Get started in seconds.

You’re not tied to a live chat and neither are your customers, so your leads stay hot even after they leave your site.

Email marketing with bulk email tools,

Lime blends the functionality of mass email applications with the simplicity of a bulk email web service into a single product.

On the one hand, you can build updates and control lists directly from your desktop; on the other hand, you get a cloud email monitoring service to help with reporting and improving your email campaigns.

Build relationships over time.

A successful mass email campaign does not require costly web-based solutions: it can be done easily on your desktop or laptop computer, while keeping your own email lists private and handling every aspect of the plan using our mass email tools. It is simpler, safer, and less expensive.

Email marketing is built on a relationship of trust with the customers: Lime bulk mailer will assist you in building it and maintaining it.

Track Your Performance.

A thorough data analysis is needed for successful email marketing.

Our mass emailing programme will notify you whether consumers have ordered your items, subscribed to your website, or taken some other action after reading your emails.

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