All communication in one convenient location.

The Lime Inbox consolidates all of your important customer conversations in one location, allowing you to stop searching multiple channels and start delivering excellent service.

Maintain the flow of conversation.

Use what works.

Meeting the leads on their favourite mode of communication—text—is the first step in having effective business conversations.

Know thy customer.

You'll begin with their name & phone number, allowing you to concentrate on delivering excellent service and closing the sale.

From web to phone.

Since you and your customers are not bound to a live chat, your leads remain hot long after they leave your platform.

Text? Email? FB messenger?

Label conversations as read or unread, delegate them to various employees or business locations, filter conversation forms, and determine permissions.

Having multiple communication channels? Why not make it simple for yourself and your customers, and have it all within one communication channel.

Talk on the go.

You can connect with your prospects, leads, and customers from anywhere using mobile and desktop apps.

Filter what's imporant.

Lime intelligently groups incoming messages into'smart lists,' allowing you to quickly see which messages need your attention and reply more quickly.

Do even more with these tools

All messages in one place.
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Create membership areas.
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Send to your entire database.
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Intergrates with
hundreds of apps.

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