Text your way to a great reputation.

Messaging is the fastest way to give your happy customers a voice. Get it done with Lead Connector.

Get reviews in your sleep.

Automate the process

Let Lime send out the request, and keep things hands off for you.

Respond easier.

See all reviews in one place and respond to every review.

Understand better.

See your online reputation in a quick and easy digestible way.

Make an impression where it counts.

People need to see recent reviews, and a lot of them, in order to trust your company. With email, SMS, and online campaigns, you can now easily create more feedback.

Create evaluation request campaigns in seconds using personalised models that ask for input in your own brand voice and visual style.

Automate review invites.

With Lime you can also automate the whole process, saving you and your business the time and effort it takes.

Increase the number of reviews you get, track and react to them more quickly, and show off your accomplishments in style.

Track your progress.

Consumers are looking for more than a high star ranking.

You need to keep reviews coming in thick and fast to prove your business is booming and to beat your rivals.

69% of consumers only trust business reviews left within the last month.

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All messages in one place.
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Intergrates with
hundreds of apps.

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