Speak to customers offline.

Messaging is the fastest way to give your happy customers a voice. Get it done with Lime Connector.

Why not stay in communication?

Communicate how they want to talk.

Powerful business conversations start by meeting your leads on their preferred mode of communication—text.

Stop fishing for contact info.

You’ll start out with a name and a real phone number, so you can just focus on providing great service and closing the deal.

Keep the conversation going.

You’re not tied to a live chat and neither are your customers, so your leads stay hot even after they leave your site.

Stop the waffle, just text them.

Web Chat has steadily grown in popularity as a recognised and even favoured method for the public to contact organisations for help and support over the last few years.

You can accept live chat requests from your customers from your website using the Lime Web Chat Module.

Support your customers.

With our shared inbox, automation, and responsive self-service, you can provide real-time support at scale.

To help your customers get the most out of your product, send them personalised messages.

With chatbots and live chat, you can automatically qualify more leads and close more deals around the clock.

Conversation routing.

Assign sales inquiries and assistance requests to the appropriate departments and individuals automatically.

Have your sales teams quickly collaborate and win more deals.

See in-depth information about who you’re chatting with right alongside conversations.

Do even more with these tools

Direct Your Customers.
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Send emails to your database.
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All messages in one place.
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Intergrates with
hundreds of apps.

Watch the demo to get started.

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